Your Search box: You can look for an item using your own Product Code by clicking on Search My Product Code

For General Search (item number, item description...) use the main Search Box.

 Quick Order Pad

Type item number or your Product Code. Click on “Search & Add” to make sure you found your products & click on “I’m Done, Add to Cart”. Copy from your file & Paste using the following format Item number”,” Qty (i.e.: 3101683, 5) Upload a CSV file from the Quick Order Pad. First column must be item number or your own product code under the title product_code. Second column must be the Quantity under the title qty. Do not forget the titles!

Smart Buy

Compare products by checking “Mark to Compare” box and clicking on “Compare”

 Can’t Find your Products?

Click on the “Cannot Find My Product” box, leave the details you have, and you will receive an email with a link to the item you were looking for. The item will wait for you under My Account.

 Related Items

You will find all Related & Alternative items at the bottom of the Item Page.

 Wish Lists

You can organize your items under Lists, share them and buy a full List or a selection of items in that List. You can create a List and add items from the Item Page or from My Account- My Lists

Item Page:

My Account- My Lists:

 Request a Quote

To request a quotation, click on Request Quote located on the top bar of the homepage

  • Fill in all the relevant details of your request
  • See the status of your quote under My Account > My Quotes (left bar)
  • When the Status is approved, select the item/s you want to purchase and click on “add selection to cart"

 My Orders

To view your orders, click Account > My Order

  • By default, only open orders will be shown on the page.
  • Use “Search by” to see all orders (open and closed) based on your criteria.

  • When clicking on a specific order number, all details of the order can be seen;
    • Shipment status, including multi-shipping tracking
    • Shipment date
    • Invoice number with a link directly to the invoice
    • Reorder; ability to reorder an item or a full list of items

 Blanket Orders

You can place a Blanket Order and automatically re-order any quantity at any time.

  • When checking out, go to Auto/Blanket Order > Blanket Order.
  • To re-order a specific item or quantity, go to My Orders > Search by Order Type > Blanket.
  • Once you see the order, click on the icon and select the requested quantity.
  • No need to go to checkout to reorder.

 Create & Manage Users

You can Create Sub User(s), set them a budget, Approval Process and different rights.

From My Account - Manage User

 Look for an Item/Order using your ERP Product Code

In order to be able to use Quick Order Pad or Look for an Item using your own ERP Product Code you need to upload the cross-reference table from My Account – Customer Products – Customer Product Codes tab – click on "Start Import" & import a CSV or Excel file.

First Column needs to be you GAL Account Number (ask your salesman if you don't know what is your Account Number). Second column needs to be Iscar Product Code. Third Column needs to be your ERP Product Code for the same item.